Economic & Philosophical Manuscripts
of 1844
(as hypertext) by Karl Marx


Navigation for the main EPM site can be by the links in each of the notebooks at the foot of each column, which are intended to encourage the user to follow the route Marx designed. However, a transport << >> for browsing is provided either side of the menu bar at the top of the screen, this simulates page turning. You can click on the arrows to go 'next' and 'previous' according to the logic of the site (important note: the transport does not replicate the browser's forward and back buttons, i.e. only from the first map can you access the further maps by using the arrows). In the EPM MS the body text in blue shows up Marx's quite extensive use of quotations, and reveals his method of juxtaposing contradictory quotes from accepted authorities; editors notes are generally in brown.
.... The links on the transport will allow you to go to the first page of each manuscript, back to the index (home) page, to this page (navigation), to the visual maps that can also be used for navigation (for the first MS), to an image of the first page of the MS, and an updates page for the latest information about the site and research. You can also insert the page number manually in the URL window in the format shown opposite (epmht 1.htm is the first MS page, the second MS begins on epmht 28.htm and the third on epmht 32.htm).
.... Note that the 'core' of the first notebook is designed to fit with, or within, the first notebook outer sheets, and the page sequence, determined by the roman numerals, eventually returns on itself (comes back to its first page) by the physical process of repeatedly turning the page, with the binding at the top like a landscape ring binder, and then 'flipping' over the whole book from the side (for more information about this see Margaret Fay's essay concerning the structure). Once you have made the circuit you are then able to 'exit' the work to the outer sheets, which then follow a similar sequence. To try to show this, clicking on the roman numeral page numbers will show what page physically backs the page you are on (i.e. I backs XVI, but II backs III).* This page flipping and turning is more-or-less the same for the third notebook pagination, which is also landscape but has generally a two column format.
.... Improvements to the design of this hypertext are constantly being made as further research and design work is performed, therefore some aspects of the navigation may change to further comply with the original. The intention was to make the text available in a simple format approaching the original design, as soon as possible and more-or-less irrespective of 'prettiness', at first.

Main Links:

To go to the first page of the first (core) notebook select this link:epmht_1.htm

To go to the first page of the second notebook select this link:epmht_28.htm

To go to the first page of the third notebook select this link:epmht_32.htm

If you want to go straight to Marx's 'cover' page try: epmht_00.htm. Note: this may initially be confusing because of the original pagination layout.

To return to the cover (start/index) page of this website select this link: index.htm

Follow this link for the map page to get visual diagrams of Marx's pagination structure, which are also hyperlinked.

Here there is also a helpful Flash animation of the page turning method (you need the Flash media player)...

*Note: some features are only available in the latest or CD version of this site.




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